Sunday, August 23, 2009

Advanced search

The advanced search on TRIP has been a problem for years. We've spent many hours fixing it, only for it to develop further problems. In our current overhaul we've taken a fresh look at the advanced search and significantly changed the way it works. For a sneak preview see below (click on image to make it bigger) - you'll also see our new logo!


Martin said...

though i already liked the old logo, i like the new one, too.
the new interface looks slick - are the field AND-ed?

Jon Brassey said...

You'll have the flexibility!

One thing that you'll notice is that it allows you to build an advanced search from the actual homepage. The advanced search basically allows the easy construction of complex searches. For experienced users they'll be able to build complex boolean searches (with restrictions for title field only etc) from the homepage.