We’ve had medical images on TRIP for many years now. They’ve not worked particularly well and, in a recent survey, we found most people were unaware we had a searchable collection of images. So, in the soon to be released upgrade, we’ve made some significant changes:

  • Thumbnails improved. Previously we re-sized all the images ‘on the fly’ which caused all sorts of rendering problems, they tended to look awful. We’re now grabbing the content from the web, re-sizing at our leisure which allows us to significantly enhance the thumbnail quality.
  • Quantity. Due to our spidering tool improvements we’ve gone from around 40-50,000 images to over 90,000 with a hope to take the figure to over 100,000 before the end of the year. In addition we’ll also auto-search google images and add those to the main medical image results display.
  • Display. We’ll start showing 4 thumbnail images on the main results page of TRIP, see below for how it’ll look.