Interesting looking at the feedback on the Q&A site. For 2006 we’ve been rated as follows:

  • Excellent – 88.3%
  • Good – 10.4%
  • Average – 1.3%

I tend to view responses other than ‘excellent’, negatively. So I’ve tried to look at our answers to questions which have been rated as ‘good’ or average’ to see if there is a trend. There appears to be two main reasons:

  1. When there is little or no evidence to answer the question. From the users perspective they come to us with an uncertainty and sometimes we can’t help. Anecdotally, the lack of evidence can frequently be useful/helpful. However, in a some situations its not as well received – understandably.
  2. Not comprehensive enough answer. Although only mentioned twice in the 2000+ questions we’ve answered I guess that might constitute a trend! Our remit is to provide quick responses to the literature. Occasionally we get a GP using us who has already done a good search asking us for information. Unfortunately, they don’t tell us what’s they’ve done so we answer it as normal ie give brief information.

Still with less than 2% of people rating us at less than good – we must be doing something right!