The testing of the new search algorithm is having implications far beyond those expected. The current system of ‘title’ and ‘title and text’ distinction allows for a very accurate location of material. However, the use of these features can be cumbersome. The abolition of ‘title’/’title and text’ distinction creates a compromise.

Perhaps the solution is to adopt the new algorithm, which will give us a great new challenge of always trying to improve it. We could then create an advanced search page for our ‘advanced’ users who take advantage of more of the current search features. The advanced search could look like the Google advanced search with fields for ‘title’ words and ‘title and text’ words….

But, going back to the title of this post, what is TRIP for? Our general view is that its a tool to allow clinicians to rapidly identify high-quality research evidence with which to base a clinical decision on. But that’s our view, our users might have different ideas.