The new site is nearly, functionally ready (some design needs dropping in), with my web-people working for a few more hours before I head off on holiday. In other words they have a few more hours to correct one problem. Basically I had the algorithm set-up pretty well on the test harness. However, now we’re using the algorithm on the new site with updated content something’s gone wrong. I’m hoping it’s not a big deal.

When they’ve fixed that I can relax and enjoy the holiday. I’ll send the test URL to a number of tame users – mainly a load of trusted Q&A people from ATTRACT and the NLH Q&A Service as well as the TRIP clinical director (whose also a general practitioner and TRIP co-owner). They’ll give it some heavy use over the week. Then, on my return, I can pass on any issues to my web-people. Hopefully giving them 2 weeks to finalise any changes.

Sounds so simple……