A couple of interesting snippets….

First, EBM and Fascism. An article that appeared in the International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare ‘Deconstructing the evidence-based discourse in health sciences: truth, power and fascism‘….

Second, the ‘official’ Google blog has reported on the ‘related articles’ feature on Google Scholar. I’ve always liked the related article feature on PubMed and the GS version appears to work as well. Whether it would be as useful on TRIP is another matter. Related article style features have traditionally relied on latent semantic indexing (see wikipedia article for more detail). This approach can also be used for all sorts of other useful semantic ‘tricks’ such as synonym analysis.

I often wondered if the related article feature could be used to keep the Q&A answers up to date. In other words, use the LSI technique to look for new articles in PubMed published since we published our answer. The idea seems plausible but implementing it is a significant issue and quite possibly not worth the potential gain…