Each day between now and launch I will be highlighting a new feature on the site. With 7 days to go I’ll highlight the inclusion of selected peer-reviewed journal articles. These are being taken from 2 routes:

1) The big five general internal medicine journals – NEJM, JAMA, Lancet, BMJ and Annals of Internal Medicine. All articles, published within the last 5 years, will be included. We’re harvesting the content automatically from PubMed via the eUtilities.

2) BMJ Updates. I never fully appreciated the scale of this project. Basically, they scan over 100 ‘premier’ clinical journals and extract only those of high quality and of clinical relevance and interest (as judged by at least 3 clinicians from around the globe).

TRIP has historically focussed on secondary-review material and that will remain to be our focus. Our search algorithm will give precedence to secondary material but the system will ensure that highly relevant articles from these two sources are near the top of the results. The two sources will offer highly relevant material for our clinical users.