Since going free the use of TRIP has increased dramatically. Another heavily used feature of TRIP has been the incorporation of TRIP content into third-party websites. This has taken two main forms.

First, the incorporation of the TRIP search box into a website. This is simply a question of adding a few lines of HTML and away you go. For example see here and here.

Second, and more sophisticated, is the adding of TRIP via the ‘backdoor’. This means that your website has a search box (as above) but when someone adds a search term it doesn’t cause the user to leave your site and visit TRIP’s. Instead it sends the search term to TRIP via a backdoor. The results are then returned in a format that easily allows them to be displayed as you wish. You can make the results return in your homepage with your ‘look and feel’. Not only do you retain your users you give them high-quality evidence that has the look of your site. This has been used by a number of site, principally portal sites. However, an example can be seen via NHS Scotland’s eLibrary (click here for details). TRIP supplies the bulk of the links, but as you can see the results are displayed in a non-TRIP way and integrated with other sources of information.

If you’re interested in ehancing the content of your site, see ‘Add TRIP to Your Site‘.