For a number of years TRIP has been used by a number of organisations to highlight new research evidence. Some ad hoc , others more substantial. Some examples of our work include

  1. We supply a portal site that news new evidence to populate their site and e-mail campaigns. For this group we supply them 15 links to evidence in over 20 clinical areas every month. The content includes secondary and primary research.
  2. A number of groups use our services to help keep them up-to-date with new research in which they are, or have, carried out reviews (systematic or otherwise).
  3. Some clinicians and researches, with a particular interest in an area, simply use our services to send them e-mails of new content every month.

Today we’ve launched TRIP Updates which will help highlight the existing and new services. Currently, e-mail is the way users receive updates (although some of our clients receive the content via XML). Shortly, we’ll be launching a comprehensive RSS feed system.

The premium service (a paid for service) is the most comprehensive package we offer. Not only can we update users of new content in TRIP but also in Medline. We can configure our output to suit you. Do you want all new TRIP content as well as all new Medline content in your area? Or would you prefer just TRIP content and RCTs in an area?

For more information see TRIP Updates.