A while ago I worked with the Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine (Oxford) on an evaluation of TRIP**. The review was extremely helpful and TRIP benefitted greatly from it.

Anyway, the evaluation has been published in April’s Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA) – Using the Turning Research Into Practice (TRIP) database: how do clinicians really search?

In the same edition of the JMLA, in their Electronic Resources Reviews, was a review of TRIP. This was very positive and the concluding paragraph reports:

“The TRIP database has come a long way from its conception. The reader may wish to consult a 2002 review of the database . The thought put into the design and improvements made to this resource prove that it is truly dedicated to the practice of evidence-based medicine.”

** Thinking about it, the actual evaluation was around two years ago and since then we’ve had one major upgrade and another one due – perhaps we need to think about having another one!