The TRIP algorithm is the source of much pleasure and some embarrassment.
Why the latter emotion? Simply put, every now and then the system returns awful results? Not convinced, try this search menopause libido. The top result in a PRODIGY guideline on Parkinson’s.

I’ve posted before why this happens, but a refresher. In the case of the above guideline it is picked up by the search as it contains both terms. Even though it scores really low on ‘text relevancy’ it scores highly for being a recent document, being published in PRODIGY and being in the guidelines category.

For a fair few months now I’ve been trying to get a better system in place and yesterday I finally took ‘delivery’ of a test-bed for a new algorithm. This is a no thrills version on the site which allows me to see what the new algorithm can do. It does a number of things differently.

So how does that affect the above search – see the results below. Still needs a bit of tweaking, but it’s a vast improvement. The new system won’t be released until mid-September (with a number of other new features), we can’t wait.