It’s that time of year, so my last post (not sure that this counts as a post) till around 9-10th August.

I’m leaving in 30 mins, but this AM I had the final specification meeting with the web-company regarding the latest upgrades to TRIP. These documents will be finalised for me to read on return. Once I’ve signed them off there’s around 2-3 weeks of development before I get a test version. So we’re looking at an early September deployment. To re-cap two main changes:

  • Improvement to the search algorithm, much better results as well as the ability to arrange results by date (the most frequent request we get).
  • Baby TRIPs. We should launch with 25 specialist search engines. Each specialist search will search the core TRIP content PLUS content specific to that speciality. This is not trivial content, we’re talking about 5-20,000 area specific content in each baby TRIP.

Bye for now…