I got back towards the end of last week and already I’m looking forward to the start of September, when the new version of TRIP will be ready! Various updates on that, plus some other news – mostly trivial.

New Sites

  • I’ve not been shown the new algorithm with the ability to switch between our ‘relevancy’ score and date. This works very well, so things are looking very good on that front.
  • As mentioned previously we’ll be releasing 26 baby TRIPs at the same time. The software is written, we just need to grab the content. The slight downside is that this new content is very large – it triples the current size of the database. Due to this size increase we are having to buy new hardware and software (oops, more spending). We’ve been expecting to have to do this for a while now, given the large volume of traffic coming to our site.


We cover a large number of guidelines, I have little doubt we allow users to search the largest collection of guidelines on the web. Curiously, this publication type seems to have the most unstable URLs! With the arrival of the new site I thought I should update as many as possible and have managed to tidy up the various Royal College’s guidelines. However, the worst offenders seem to be those offered via the CMA Infobase. This is a large collection of guidelines (nearly 800) and had been ‘lumped’ together as one publication. However, given the relative instability I have created separate entries for the largest publishers. As such we now have the following publications in TRIP:

  • CMA Infobase
  • British Columbia Reproductive Care Program
  • Canadian Paediatric Society
  • Cancer Care Ontario
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines and Protocols in British Columbia
  • Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada
  • Thrombosis Interest Group of Canada
  • Toward Optimized Practice

The 7 new publications will allow us to update more rapidly if they choose to alter their URLs.

I think I’ve manually added and edited over 1000 guidelines over the last 2 days – tiring but rewarding!