Light at the end of the tunnel refers to both the new version of TRIP and part of a song title from one of my favourite bands (Half Man Half Biscuit). With the new site looming I’ve been acutely aware of my previous posts and the subsequent delays!

I first blogged about ‘what’s next for TRIP’ in June.

On July 11th I highlighted that I’d tested a first version of the new search algorithm.

In a July 20th post I predicted an end of September launch.

In August I suggested an early September launch.

On the 3rd Sept my post started with “What a surprise, there has been a delay!” and then suggested an early October launch.

October 6th I suggested the week starting 15th October.

I’d love to be able to guarantee it’ll be out next week, but after this review I’m loathed to! We are very close – honest! In future, for the next upgrades (which are already planned) I’ll try and remember how poor my predictions are!