I’ve been testing the rather exciting specialist search sites on TRIP. Basically, these sites search both core TRIP content plus the top 10-15 journals in that particular speciality. We’ll be launching with 27 but this will soon reach 30. Below are two searches and screen shots of results. Lots to see, but a few things to point out:

  • The spacing between results is bigger in the pictures than when it goes live, the test version has details of our algorithm, which we’d prefer to keep under our hats.
  • You’ll notice that the google ads, at the top of the results, has gone.
  • The results categories on the right hand side has a prominent ‘Specialist primary research’ link.
  • There is the new section ‘More’
  • A slight re-ordering of the results categorisations.

The first search is diabetes heart failure. I hope you’ll notice that the results are all highly pertinent and recent.

The second search is epilepsy diet. Again really pertinent results, and you’ll also notice a mixture of ‘normal’ TRIP (Cochrane and Hitting the Headlines) with specialist results (Epilepsia). Apologies for cutting the top off the screenshot, I wanted to show extra results.

I’ve been involved in clinical search for nearly ten years; without doubt I’ve never been so excited about an enhancement on TRIP. Not only is it technically elegant I genuinely believe this is a massive innovation.