We tend to get 25% feedback on our Q&A services.

Basically, all our answers to clinical questions get sent out with an embedded link asking for feedback. Many of our frequent users don’t use this feature any more, so 25% is a fairly reasonable feedback rate. Today we’ve received 4 separate feedbacks all rating the service excellent, some of the comments being:

  • I was surprised how quickly the question was answered, and that I was asked for clarification.
  • The question was related to a group of patients, and it has provided me with further evidence that my ideas and what I am trying to achieve are based on the right lines.
  • Please keep up the good work. I sometimes feel that I search for documented evidence regarding a certain aspect of care, but I probably use the wrong search criteria, so it takes me ages to find relevant articles.
  • Time constraints are such that I would not have carried any search, so having access to such a resource is invaluable.
  • The service is excellent
  • Please keep going.
  • This was an area I had no knowledge of so it has altered my view.

Sometimes I feel a great deal of pride in what we’re doing…