Wow, only just caught my breath after an intense, post-launch week.

Miraculously, no major hitches. The algorithm has been behaving itself, although I got an anxious e-mail telling me a load of evidence has gone missing. This was due to a new feature we’d introduced that allows the system to remove results if the text score is too low. In other words if the search terms are barely mentioned in the document it’ll score low. It appears that I set it too high, so I’ve removed that for now.

Our specialist search sites have continued to grow and we’ve had feedback from a few publications who we’ve included. Below is an updated usage chart, the blue bars represent usage, from launch, to Friday 16th while the red bars are usage to today.

We’re aware of a few usabilty issues so we’re working on those.

As a heavy user of TRIP I still find the moving around of the results categories confusing. Where Q&A used to be is now EB synopses, so that’ll take some getting used to.

One final thing, we added a load of webcasts and podcasts at launch and the most popular is the NEJM video on Pelvic Examination which has been viewed 27 times.