This post is the first in a ‘Highlight a TRIP feature’, to start with we’ll be giving some information on our new ‘More’ section.

Prior to our latest upgrade we included a number of wiki-based content providers including Ganfyd and Ask Dr Wiki. However, the slight problem is that wikis are ‘works in progress’ and frequently the content could be considered not robust enough! However, the problem is that wikis have some great content and we feel they need exposure.

At the same time there is an increasing volume of webcasts and podcasts becoming available. Again, valuable content and not searchable from other sources.

To house all this content we created the ‘More’ section. In many ways it could be considered a miscellaneous section, but ‘more’ sounds better and lets us create the tag line ‘TRIP Evidence Base and More’

Currently, the ‘More’ section contains over 6,000 wiki articles and more than 2,500 web and podcasts.

When doing a search you can easily view the ‘More’ content by clicking on the link – see below.