Great news, the new TRIP Database search boxes have been deployed.

These search boxes consist of a few lines of HTML which can be embedded into your website, blog etc. These allow users of your site to search TRIP from within your site – adding great extra functionality. What’s equally important the search results open up in a new window, so your users don’t get lost to TRIP! To see examples of embedded TRIP search boxes and how they look/function click here.

There is one general search box and every specialist search has it’s own separate search box. To access this go to the search engine of choice (be it the main TRIP or one of the specialist searches) and click on the link ‘Add TRIP to your website’ – found at the top of the page.

Any problems let me know via ‘Contact us

Also, when it’s up and running it’d be nice to see what it looks like ‘in situ’ so please let us know!