The American Family Physician is an incredibly useful publication. We find it very helpful in answering clinical questions. It might not use, exclusively, the highest level of evidence. But when there are no good secondary reviews (or even primary reviews) it’ll help out with an answer. So many time I’ve gone to Google with a search term and restricted to the AFP and got an answer.

So why isn’t in TRIP?

Well, I’ve added it to our system today and it should be searchable from next week.

An interesting feature of the AFP is that it has regular articles and then a number of other useful evidence reviews (e.g. Clinical Evidence, POEMs, STEPs etc). As such we have created two separate entries for AFP:

  • American Family Physician – has gone into the eTextbooks section. It was either there or core primary research but on balance we decided eTextbooks was more appropriate.
  • AFP Evidence – has been placed in EB synopses. This included all the evidence ‘bonuses’ that AFP publish.

We should have done it years ago!