Around two weeks ago I blogged about TRIP being slow!

Today, I had a very good meeting with our web-team and we’ve located a key problem and highlighted a solution….

When someone does a search of TRIP it doesn’t just do one search it, in effect, does a search for each category (systematic reviews, EB synopses etc) – so that’s 9 searches! Last month we were searched 853,959 times, so the poor processors had to carry out 7,685,631 searches.

So the solution we’re going to work with is something called a rolling cache. This will cache a load of search results on a rolling 30 day basis. So, on day one, someone will search on asthma, we will do all 9 searches on that day (one for systematic reviews, one for EB synopses etc) but then those results will be stored in a cache. The next time someone searches on asthma we’ll take the results, not from carrying out the 9 searches, but from the cache. Bottom line we should see a significant improvement in speed…

Just as well as the rest of the meeting was discussing the 4 major projects that will be rolled out over the next year.