We’re currently exceptionally busy working on new projects and will highlight them below.

  • TRIP Spain. A Spanish version of TRIP is currently being beta-tested and should be available soon.
  • TRIPanswers. A very special Q&A project. No public details yet, but we’ve just signed off designs and the build starts next week. This should launch early summer 2008.
  • TRIPcpd. Again no public details here, other than the obvious clue in the name. Due late summer 2008.
  • Rolling cache. Due to the huge numbers of users the system is starting to creak. This will be a two stage change. Firstly, the results count displayed in the results categorisation section will disappear. This will speed things up to sub one second searches. Secondly, the results will re-appear (4-6 weeks later) following optimisation and a new method of displaying the results.
  • Advertising system. Due to the poor performance of Google ads we’re going to try a new system, should be available in 4-6 weeks. Although no real enhancement to the site I’m certainly expecting a much better return and possibly some healthy income!

If the advertising system starts bringing in the money we’ll start on two other projects TRIPmed and TRIPpatient for the end of 2008!