I’ve been on Facebook for a while, for most of that time I have not understood the appeal. I joined due to the buzz and I wanted to understand it.

Similarly I joined Second Life, hoping to understand it. In many ways I can see the appeal of Second Life more than Facebook. I don’t use it but can appreciate the ability to immerse yourself in an alternative reality. Perhaps if I was 20 and had lots of time on my hands I’d be hooked.

But this report Providing Consumer Health Outreach and Library Programs to Virtual World Residents in Second Life has just been released:

“The major accomplishments of the project include: the careful and thorough development of an island in the virtual world called Second Life, replete with buildings, grounds, meeting spaces, exhibits, collections, and other information resources and services; development and deployment of a variety of informational exhibits and displays; and numerous contacts and collaborative efforts with health-related groups and organizations. Overall, HealthInfo Island has become the focal point for many health-related initiatives in Second Life. It has been very successful and well-received by the general public in Second Life, healthcare professionals, and health sciences librarians.”