I’m aware that this blog has been slow over the last week or so, the reason is simply I’ve been too busy with ‘all things TRIP’ to contemplate what to write about. Specifically, I’ve been heavily involved in 4 significant chunks of work:

  • TRIP Spain – should launch very soon.
  • TRIPanswers – I’ve been given the site to play with and/or test. I’ve started adding questions and answers and I’m very pleased. So far I’ve added 250 questions, only another 5,000 before we lauch (in about 2 months).
  • Advertising – we’ve moved to a new advertising providers, I’m having to manually assign search terms we receive on TRIP to the advertisers advertising categories. This is very labour intensive, but it’ll hopefully be worth it!
  • Winding up the NLH Q&A. Not much to do really, I’ve already started relaxing and moving my mental efforts to TRIPanswers…

I imagine I’ll start more regular posting soon(ish)