This is a really brief introduction to recently launched TRIPanswers. The aim is to orientate you around the site so you can use it more efficiently. For further information view the ‘About’ section (link from the top of the page). So, a few points about TRIPanswers:

  • It’s a collection of clinical Q&As from around the World
  • Each question has been tagged (tags are roughly the same as keywords). They help describe the question and are useful in browsing and refining searching
  • Tags are displayed in tag clouds. These are collections of tags and the more prominent the tag, the more times the tag has been used
  • If you click on a tag it restricts the Q&As to those with that particular tag. NOTE: A Q&A is typically tagged with multiple tags
  • Search is an alternate to browsing via tags. One way is to search using your broad topic area (e.g. myocardial infarction) and then click on a tag (in the tag cloud) that matches your interest e.g. clopidogrel
  • Check out the Tag Cloud of Clinical Uncertainty
  • Still confused? Let me know via the form at the bottom of the Interact page.

Below are images (click on image to make bigger) of the key features of the homepage and an individual question.


Answer page