With a huge amount of relief the site is very nearly ready to go live. We may be able to sneak it out tomorrow, if not it’ll be Monday/Tuesday next week. As I look at the site there are 4,325 Q&As, all tagged and quality scored.

We’ve already secured the agreement of a number of collaborating organisation to publish their Q&As on the site, the list is as follows:

  • ATTRACT (Wales)
  • FSRH (UK)
  • Clinical Cases and Images (USA)
  • RCOG clinical queries (UK)
  • TRIP
  • Univadis (UK)
  • Norwegian Electronic Health Library (Norway)
  • Ma’aneh Larofeh – Clalit Health Services (Israel)
  • Evidence Direct, Melbourne (Australia)

The international flavour is particularly exciting and I’m looking forward to these questions being available.

Watch this space…