I’m almost scared to admit it, but I think we’ve finally made a significant breakthrough on the speed of TRIP. For what seems like forever search speeds have been between 10-20 seconds. Today, most of my searches have been under 2 seconds with the odd one hitting 5 seconds.

We’ve commented here before about improvements in speed (most recently in July 2008), but this time I think it’s sustainable. As well as optimising various sections of code we’ve increased our search capacity by nearly 600%.

What we have noticed in the past has been an increase in usage as soon as our speed increases. However, given the improvements the system is much more resilient to future usage increases.

TRIP is a complex beast made up of new code built upon old code. Our recent investigations have taught us a lot about the system and allowed us even to plan for future hardware/software developments.

We’re pleased, I hope you are too.