I’m a bit of a nerd.

Being a nerd means living and breathing nerdy things. This can be problematic and one acute danger is that your nerdy sources of information hype nerdy things. This is fine if you keep this in the context that, most people are not nerds!

Bottom line is that I often should step back and think whether or not a new technology is actually useful to the general population or whether it really is just for nerds.

I’m saying this in relation to Twitter. I’ve been resistent to try it as I just felt it was too nerdy. However, I recently decided to ‘dip my toe’ and am starting to enjoy the experience. To me, Twitter takes the only useful thing in Facebook – the friend feed (where you say what you’re doing) – and makes that the central feature. You sign-up to follow friends/colleagues tweets and their postings get added to your page. These tweets are a maximum of 140 characters, so brevity is the order of the day.

My twitter page is http://twitter.com/jrbtrip