TRIP Answers has now been out for a little over a month and so far it has been very well received and it is starting to grow:

  • Since launch, we’ve added around 500 new Q&As on the site from a number of sources.
  • Site traffic is starting to increase, yesterday we had 1,489 visits with 3,545 page views.
  • Comments are slowly coming in
  • We’ve been approached by a variety of people/organisations wishing to get involved.
  • One large website wants to use the content.

This is the first new website that I’ve been really involved in since the start of the main TRIP Database. However, that grew in a different manner. So, this has been a new learning experience. By using the site and listening to initial comments there are a number of minor changes I’d like to make. Some of these are to make the site slight clearly while others are to boost interaction.

But get in touch and let us know what you feel about the site.