One feature we were keen on with TRIP Answers was interaction. We have made it relatively straight forward to feedback comments and we intend to make it even easier in the future.

We realised, long ago, that there are many people out their with knowledge and experience that can be useful to improve an answer. A clear example was the Q&A “Is there any GOOD evidence to support the use of honey as a treatment for leg ulcers?”. This was initially answered in January 2006 by the ATTRACT service (for initial Q&A click here). In this answer there was reference to a Cochrane Systematic Review protocol (which is a notification of a review in progress), other than that there was little else.

An e-mail over the weekend was from a clinician who highlighted new research. This research had been incorporated into the Cochrane Systematic Review that was published in late 2008. It was a relatively simply job to update the Q&A (click here to see the updated answer).

If you see an answer that needs attention, let us know – it’ll always be appreciated and it helps share your knowledge with the wider world.