The survey has been running for two weeks now and we’ve had a massive response, which we’re very pleased about. The highlights are below:

How often do you use TRIP?

  • This is my first time 17.9%
  • Infrequently 7.1%
  • On a monthly basis 14.3%
  • On a weekly basis 25%
  • On a daily basis 35.7%

How often do you find the information you’re after?

You’ll note in this graph (click to make larger) that we’ve got comparative data from 2007. It appears we’ve improved. In 2007 66% of users found the information most or all of the time, this has now risen to 80.7%. This is a vital measure for any search engine, so it’s great to know we’re supplying better results than ever.


We listed 6 possible upgrades to TRIP, the top 3 were:

  • Alert me when new research of interest to me is added to TRIP
  • Add extra content to better answer my questions
  • Include recent news items
All these will be acted on in our new upgrade

Web 2.0 tools

Around 60% of people taking the survey skipped this question – but the rest reported using the following.

  • Blogs 73.9%
  • Facebook 52.2%
  • Twitter 21.7%
  • Other 17.4%
Finally, we received a number of free-text comments:
  • I think TRIP is a fantastic resource
  • Excellent service — thanks for providing it at no charge! Don’t change the focus on the use of evidence-based answers, please
  • I’ve been using TRIP for years and find it a wonderful resource
  • Nothing to suggest thanks, it’s an excellent and unparallelled resource
  • congratulations and thanks you for spanish version
  • great resource!
I do like the survey results, thanks for everyone who took part!