I’ve been talking with HIFA2015 which is a campaign group hoping to improve access (for patients and health professionals) to health information in developing nations. I commented that, given most of the content of TRIP is aimed at richer nations, it makes it more difficult for users from poorer nations to identify material appropriate for their context.

I’ve thought of a rather simple solution – allow users of TRIP to identify such content. Basically, someone does a search and in the results they see a resource suitable for poorer nations – they click a button next to the record and this is tagged as being suitable for resource poor nations. When someone does a search they could press a button and then restrict the results to ‘resource poor’. To start with this wouldn’t be particularly useful – but with 25,000+ visits a day I’m sure it’d work quite well within a short space of time.

There are quality issues that need working through, and we’re working on these. But I’m hoping this might be a reasonably efficient mechanism to solve a difficult problem.