The site is getting very close to being finished and we’re entering a rigorous testing phase

Internal Testing
I had my initial look at the work on Tuesday and the points raised have now been addressed, so we have a few days of additional internal testing.

Independent Usability Testing
Early next week we will be carrying out some independent usability testing using Minervation. This involves a number of volunteers looking at the new site and being asked to perform a number of tasks. The volunteers will be videoed while performing the tasks and this will be analysed (alongside a post-test questionnaire) to highlight possible weaknesses in the design.

TRIP Advisory Board testing
Once alterations have been made based on the above steps we’ll throw the site open to the members of the TRIP Advisory Board. This should last two weeks, giving longer-term usage feedback.

The above represents the most robust testing that we’ve ever undertaken. It should be worth it and we should be able to launch early September.