After yesterday’s teaser of the ‘evidence slider’ today is another glimpse into the new TRIP.

S0, what does the above all mean? Basically, the above image is taken from the foot of the results page on TRIP and the key elements are:

  • ‘Not found what you’re looking for?’ – it has always bothered me that TRIP doesn’t answer all the questions all the time, so what do you do then? We’ve teamed up with SumSearch in a reciprocal agreement that allows users to seamlessly search each others sites. You search on prostate cancer in TRIP and the link to SumSearch is dynamically generated to search SumSearch for prostate cancer. You’ll also see that we’re pulling through the top results from Google, which in user testing was seen very positively.
  • Medical images. As mentioned previously on this blog we’ve significantly increased the number of medical images available to our system. In previous surveys users have indicated that they’re not aware we actual search medical images. To help combat that, we’re displaying medical images in the main results page.
  • Community noticeboard. Do you have a message you want to share with others? This free service will allow targetted messages to be displayed to users of TRIP. Want to highlight a conference, job, recruit patients? Why not use this feature.

There’s so much more to show as well – this really is the largest ever set of enhancements to TRIP.