After talking about it for a while now we’re getting close to launching the new feature on the site. It’s not really got a name, but it’s about crowdsourcing the identification of evidence suitable for low resource settings.

Very soon (in the next week or so) a new link will appear below each search result ‘Low resource’ and registered users will be invited to click on if they think the article is suitable for a resource poor setting. If a document receives more than one click from separate people it’ll qualify for inclusion in a subset of documents in TRIP. At the same time as the link appears below each result a tick box will appear in the results categorisation area (the box on the right-hand side of the results where users can select systematic reviews, guidelines etc) which will allow a user to restrict results to only those documents suitable for low resource environments.

A relatively simple concept, funded by BUPA, that we hope will bring great benefit to users from poorer settings.

The programming has been done and all we require now is to finalise the publicity around the project (to ensure the maximum number of people hear about it) and then we’ll launch.

Another TRIP milestone is just around the corner 🙂