stands for Today I Learnt That and is based on observations on how people have used the reflective elements of TRIP CPD. When you look at an article via the CPD/CME link (under each article) it opens the article with a reflective toolbar at the top of the page. This prompts the user to answer three questions:

  1. Why are you looking at this article?
  2. What did you learn from this article?
  3. How will you apply this in practice?

What we observed was how powerful and useful the middle answer tended to be. This was typically a clinician giving their account of the learning they had undertaken from reading the article. It struck us how powerful this information would be if shared.

TILT allows a user to record any learning they have undertaken (not restricted to TRIP articles). It might be any article they’ve read, a conversation with a colleague – any clinical learning. This is then recorded as a learning log. But the real beauty is that this learning can be shared with other users. In other words, they can learn from your learning and vice versa. Already, after just 3 days and around 10 recorded ‘learnings’ two clinicians have already learnt from others contributions.

Currently, this is a proof of concept model and at the end of the testing period (4-6 weeks) we’ll try and get a feel for the ‘worth’ of the model and make a decision on whether to take it forward or not.

If you’d like to get involved let us know via