Just a quick note that we’re in the process of moving servers. We’ve been using the same servers for a number of years and one in particular is getting ancient and needs replacing. So, instead of buying new servers we’ve decided to move to the industry leader – Rackspace.

Our sites will be sitting on a brand new, high specification server. We’ll also get better backup and support and most importantly we won’t get charged extra if we’re well used (we currently get penalised if we exceed a particular bandwidth figure).

The transfer is currently happening with TRIP Answers sitting on the new server and the main TRIP Database should follow as soon as the whole database (90 Gb) has transferred over. Once on the new servers we’ll need to alter something called the DNS (the internet’s address book) and then everything will be fine and much faster. In the interim you’ll note that certain addresses re-direct to temporary addresses on the new server (for instance www.tripanswers.org points to http://tripanswers.tripdatabase.co.uk/). This should be no reason for concern.