As you know money is always in short supply at TRIP. Our ideas always outstrip our income!
We’ve discussed asking for donations in the past and we’re still tempted. However, might asking people to sponser/adopt a search term be better? For instance, someone could sponsor ‘diabetes’ and everytime there is a search for diabetes a message appears somewhere on the results page ‘This search has been sponsored by…………..’.

What do people think?  Alternatively, has anyone else got any suggestions to increase our income?

Remember, TRIP is free to access, has made a massive contribution to healthcare (over 50 million searches) and has no significant backers.  All the income we get has to come through small, separate contracts where we can get them.

We’d like to think the many users of TRIP might like to help support us…..

Any specific ideas can be added via comments or emailed directly to me at