The above applications are widespread and TRIP has a presence on them all!  They all offer a way of TRIP to reach out to users and those with a shared interest.  It’s the blog that gives me the greatest worry, as I feel I should blog more regularly.  There’s no external pressure, I just feel I should blog once a week.

However, there lies the problem – I see blogs, Facebook and twitter in a different light.  Our Facebook presence gets the most attention and I think that’s due to the size of the posts (so I post more) and the possibly more interactive audience on Facebook (where it’s very easy to interact – just press a button).

I see the blog as a place for publishing longer pieces, twitter for very small and Facebook in between.  This medium size suits me as I’m not a big writer, if I can say something in 50 words I’ll do so, as opposed to some who’d prefer to use 500.

But, perhaps I need to precis what I’ve written on Facebook, here in the blog, so the blog audience doesn’t ‘miss out’. 

So, since the last blog article I’ve ‘Facebooked’:

  • I went and gave a hands on workshop at a CEBM training conference.  Once nice bit of feedback, from a clinician was – ‘before I found TRIP I was ploughing the field with a trowel, now I’m using a tractor’.
  • Reported on a meeting with the lovely Glycosmedia.
  • Revealed that we’ve now got 3,172 medical videos in TRIP.
  • It looks like we’re very close to secure an African version of TRIP, which I’m very excited about and follows on from our crowdsourcing of evidence for the developing world.
  • We had a little twitter experiment with the European Respiratory Society.
  • Highlighted that a training course was being undertaken in Chile as we had 20 registrations from Chile in the space of ten minutes.
  • Finally, reported on a ‘spring clean’ of all the UK Royal College’s clinical guidelines to fix broken URLs and to ensure the content was actually fresh.

Having summarised the Facebook activity I think it works quite well!  It’s good to see a summary of our activity.  Now, I must rush – I’ve got a meeting with our techie (Phil) and designers about our new project – TILT!