Facebook is massive, Microsoft is massive, Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) is less than massive.  Bing want to change this and they’re hoping that a tie-in with Facebook will help.  See this Techcrunch article for further details.  As the article states:

“Starting today…. you will automatically start to see links that your friends have “liked.” These will appear in a separate module, with related social links called out. The example Microsoft gives is if you are searching for San Francisco steak houses and one of your friends liked Alexander’s Steakhouse in San Francisco, that would appear as a result along with the name of your friend.”

I like this idea a lot.  It’s dependent on a number of variables coming together, but at a high-level I like this.

I particularly like it as I can see something similar working in the world of health.  What’s better for a GP searching for an article on the diagnosis of prostate cancer than one that a trusted colleague has approved?  How about, using the extended social graph to identify experts in the field of prostate cancer – what do they like?  Finally, what does the evidence have to say (as shown in the current TRIP search)?

However, this also requires a number of variables coming together.  However, if Facebook/Bing paves the way, then why not?  An important component for this to work is a clinician’s functioning social graph – where can that comes from?

Let’s hope TILT works!!