The launch of TILT (which stands for Today I Learnt That) is fast approaching and we’re pulling together the design and the actual programming – so time for a bit more information.  First the logo, which we love!

At the simplest level TILT is an easy way for users to record any learning they may have experienced.  This was designed principally around clinicians who need to record this sort of information for revalidation/recertification. Although, from our pilot, it became obvious that clinicians like to record their learning even if it’s not specifically for revalidation.

However, the real beauty and strength of TILT is that the ‘TILTs’ are viewable by other clinicians. As in ‘real’ life clinicians can learn from each other.

Some example TILTs include:

  • PPIs associated with 1) fractures 2) LRTIs 3) C diff
  • There’s not enough evidence to recommend racecadotril in children with acute diarrhoea
  • I now (belatedly) appreciate the differences between the old UK90 growth charts and the new WHO charts (and the rationale behind the switch)

The clinicians in the pilot really enjoyed themselves and reported lots and lots of learning.  For me, the biggest joy was seeing the way clinicians transformed complex issues/articles into nuggets of learning.  From an information perspective this is gold dust.

The pilot involved around 10 active users and generated hundred’s of TILTs in 6 weeks. If we have 100 active clinicians what sort of impact will that have? What about 1,000? 

As one clinician fed back “you’ll be amazed at what you don’t know”