Earlier this month we posted results of our survey of users which revealed that 40.77% of searches improve patient care.  For the full methodology read the post – click here.

Since it’s start in 1997/8 TRIP has been searched over 51 million times.

So, 40.77% of 51 million =  20,793,000 times TRIP has helped improve patient care.

Is the answer 20,793,000?  Probably not!

But there are good reasons why this figure is too high and reasons why it is too low!

Reasons why the figure is too high

  • Methodology weak: relatively small sample size, self-selecting participants (?more likely to be favourable to TRIP), non-validated questionnaire.
  • TRIP has improved. The figure of 40.77% assumes that TRIP has always been as good as it is now while it’s likely to have been relatively poor to start with.  However, to be fair to TRIP it has been consistently good for a number of years and the bulk of our searches have been in these latter years.

Reasons why the figure is too low

  • TRIP has actually been searched more than 51 million times.  The 51 million refers to people coming to the http://www.tripdatabase.com/ site.  We allow 3rd party sites to search TRIP and return results in their sites.  We have a number of these for examples in clinical portal sites, EMRs etc.  Also, we do various other automated information support systems (such as displaying related articles against 3rd party clinical articles).
  • It assumes that the information gained via TRIP is only used once.  If each clinician searches TRIP based on a patient-query I imagine the knowledge gained is used in dealing with subsequent patients.

Irrespective of an accurate figure, I doubt anyone can question that TRIP has had a significant impact!