As we enter a new year it’s tradition to look back at the previous year.  So, for 2017, so here we go:

  • 981,510 separate sessions (separate visits to the site)
  • 618,082 separate users
  • 3,573,702 page views
  • 5mins 5 seconds – average session duration
  • 4,989,342 minutes spent on the site over the year by all our users
  • 12.66% reduction in bounce rate (people who come to the site and only look at the page they land on)
  • Most popular country for visitors: USA (21.3%), UK (11.0%), Spain (6.8%), Australia (5.2%) and Canada (4.6%)

Those figures relate to people coming to the site but we allow third party sites to use our service via an API.  As such we get used a lot more.

Given that over 40% of our searches support improved patient care (see here and here) we can be sure we’ve had a massive impact on global healthcare.  Previously we’ve tried to quantify our impact so here goes for 2017:

  • If we assume 1.25 searches per session on the site = 1,226,887 searches
  • Assume we gain another 33% of searches via our API = 408,921
  • Total searches = 1,635,808

We estimate 40.8% of searches result in improved patient care which equals 667,410.

So, globally, Trip has improved care 667,410 times.