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November 2010

Reflections on Evidence 2010

At Evidence2010 I was a aware of a number of themes (in reverse order):

  • The whole publishing model is wrong.
  • Clinicians needs support in using the evidence ie what to do once they read a trial and know an intervention works, how do they actually use or administer it!
  • Conflicts of interest (COI) are widespread. Pharma is an obvious COI but also in academia there are significant issues.
  • There’s no more money – the healthcare systems in ‘the West’ have no more money to keep pumping into healthcare.
  • Need to work more closely with patients to help make them better decision makers.
  • Clinicians need to say this phrase more often – I don’t know.
  • There’s an awful lot of love for TRIP 🙂

Obviously, I’m very pleased about the last one. Overall, a  very good, thought-provoking conference!

Top 30 consultations in primary care

I had the pleasure of attending the Evidence2010 conference.  One role I undertook was to tweet about the presentations, in a way sending a summary of the presentations.  One talk, by Paul Glasziou, highlighted the diversity of conditions a GP will see (compared with specialists). He reported that 30 ‘conditions’ accounted for 50% of consultations.  A number of people wanted to see the 30 conditions and Paul has sent me a spreadsheet.  It’s actually 32 (not 30), so here goes:

  1. Hypertension*
  2. Upper_respiratory_tract_infection
  3. Arthritis—all*
  4. Diabetes,_non-gestational*
  5. Depression*
  6. Lipid_disorders
  7. Osteoarthritis*
  8. Back_complaint*
  9. Immunisation—respiratory
  10. General_check-up*
  11. Asthma
  12. Oesophageal_disease
  13. Acute_bronchitis/bronchiolitis
  14. General_immunisation
  15. Contact_dermatitis
  16. Anxiety*
  17. Gastroenteritis*
  18. Female_check/papsmear*
  19. Sleep_disturbance
  20. Urinary_tract_infection*
  21. Sprain/strain*
  22. Medication/script
  23. Sinusitis
  24. Solar_keratosis/sunburn
  25. Cardiac_check-up*
  26. Ischaemic_heart_disease*
  27. Oral_contraception*
  28. Pregnancy*
  29. Malignant_neoplasm_skin
  30. Acute_otitis_media/myringitis
  31. Results_tests/procedures_NOS
  32. Viral_disease,_other/NOS

Interestingly (!) the top 10 account for 27%

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