I’ve been thinking how useful all the new content added – each month – to TRIP is.  We typically add between 400-700 articles each month manually (these are typically secondary evidence type articles), of these about 60% are recent publications and the rest from previous years.  In addition to this manual update we typically add around 3-5,000 new articles automatically (via various mechanisms). 

I typically view the manually added content as being the ‘best stuff’!  So, can we use this ‘best stuff’ in a meaningful way?  I believe so, but have no idea how!  Identifying it’s easy – displaying it is more problematic.  So, in an effort to help me understand the issues I’ve decided to experiment!  Therefore, I’ve taken March’s new content and extract all recent articles that relate to cardiology – 52 in total.  And below is my first effort at presenting them in a structured form (it’s a pragmatic structure – if that’s not obvious!) – please let me know what you think!



Myocardial Infarcation

CV Risk

Clinical Rules