What has TRIP got to do with Somalia? 

The truth is very little.  However, at the start of this month we secured the domain name evidently.so (really http://www.evidently.so – but don’t click there as there’s nothing to see just yet). The .so domain is the country code extension for Somalia.  I purchased it on a whim, I had no idea we’d get it or what we’d use it for.  I just liked the phrase – it fits in with the ‘evidence’ concept and is an easy to remember name.

But we’ve got it and the more I reflect on it the more pleased I am with it.  I think it’s got all the potential to be a strong brand.

As for what to do with it, I’m currently thinking it might be a good home for our ‘new evidence’ service – which is currently just a vague concept. One to ponder, but if you have any suggestions?