The latest upgrade to TRIP had lots of new features easily visible to users.  However, for all the external changes we have made a number of internal ones.  One of the unhidden wonders has been a broken link reporter!  Basically, if someone clicks on a link and it doesn’t result in a valid webpage being open we now get an email telling us the link isn’t working.  Previously, we had no system for this and it was down to the goodwill of our users to let us know.

When the new feature went live it was truly depressing as I was personally receiving about an email every minute.  However, it soon showed up that a few particular publications were causing the bulk of the issues. Within 4 days these links were fixed – causing a 90% reduction in the error messages.  Now, 3 weeks later and lots of hard work, we’ve fixed approximately 99% of all the broken links.

For most people they will not notice a difference – but it’s great to know our system’s working well and long may it continue.