We posted our latest survey yesterday afternoon and so far we’ve had an amazing 345 responses (if you’ve not done it, it’s not too late https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WMS38PY).

I’m really keen to get our users input into the next upgrade to TRIP (scheduled for early 2012) and this is the first stage survey.  We asked people to leave their emails if they want to take part in further surveys and we’ve already got 200+.  The first survey asks mainly high-levels questions (e.g. what’s good about TRIP, what’s bad etc).  The second survey will ask more specific questions about functionality, design etc.  I really can’t wait.  But before the second survey I have to finish reading a few books and papers on search and to fully analyses the first round of results. 

A lot of the questions will require some form of textual analyses but other lend themselves to a simple numerical analysis, so some early results below:

Background (top 3)

  • Doctors – 44.1%
  • Information specialists – 18.8%
  • Other health professionals – 10.7%

What do you use TRIP for?

  • Answering clinical questions – 69.6%
  • Keeping up to date – 50.7%
  • Research – 56.5%
  • Other – 10.1%

How do you use TRIP?

  • A pull way (searching the site) – 55.9%
  • A push way (monthly emails, RSS etc) – 8.4%
  • Both – 35.7%

One issue we’re looking at is the content offering of TRIP, what best describes it for you?

  • Perfect – 59.1%
  • Way too much – I get too many results – 24.3%
  • Way too few – I often get few and/or poor results – 16.5%

Another area of interest is the design of TRIP (how it looks). We have recently rolled out a new design and we’re not convinced it’s great. What do you think?

  • The site looks great – 22.9%
  • I’m not bothered how the site looks – 26.1%
  • I think it looks ok – 47.5%
  • I think it looks awful – 3.5%

If you were required to login to TRIP to use it, how would you feel?

  • I’d stop using the site – 5.5%
  • I’m happy to do it, but make it easy – 53.0%
  • I’m happy to do so, as long as I get a better service – 24.9%
  • I’m not too keen on this idea – 16.5%

So, lots of interesting results.  But the biggest ‘steer’ will be the textual analysis of the 3 questions:

  • What’s good about TRIP?
  • What’s bad about TRIP?
  • What feature would make you use TRIP more?