For many secondary research articles (e.g. guidelines and systematic review) we already link to the full text.  However, for primary research we typically link out to the abstract on PubMed.  In our users surveys, linking to full-text has consistently been the  top of the list of  ‘wants’ for new features.

Well, after a significant amount of effort we have solved it and, as of mid-May, we will significantly boost our links to full-text articles.  This will take happen in two ways:

  • We have started to cross-reference our PubMed articles to see if they already appear in PubMed Central (the full-text equivalent of PubMed).
  • Institutional holdings.  If you work for an institution that purchases full-text journals, we can now (in most cases) link directly from Trip to your institutions full text.  

In the case of the institutional holding we require contact with someone who knows about link resolvers and this will typically be someone from the library.  So, if you want better access to full-text I recommend popping into the library. It’s probably best if you ask them to email me directly:

This feature will be rolled out, with a host of others, in mid-May.