In 2009 we started an advisory board, mentioned in this blog.  The wording is as relevant now as it was then:

TRIP has grown and matured as a site considerably over the years and this change has been particularly rapid in the last 12 months. The next upgrade will mark a significant improvement and it’s a momentum I wish to maintain. To help TRIP in this process I’ve decided to set-up an advisory board.

The TRIP advisory board will be an informal network of clinicians, information specialists and techies and I would expect it to serve the following functions:

  • Respond and advise on ideas generated within TRIP
  • To suggest ideas for new features/improvements on TRIP
  • To generally be an extended pair of ears to highlight new technologies, opportunities for TRIP.

We set up the board using a website called Ning and it worked pretty well, but then they started charging and I let things drift.

Basically, I want to set it up again as there are some big decisions coming up and I would love to feel I can ask really dedicated and enthusiastic Trip user’s opinions.  Equally importantly is to create a ‘space’ where board members can feed back honest opinions and suggestions.

So, volunteers (unfortunately, it’s unpaid) would be nice.

Also, suggesting for the best mechanism to communicate would be good.  Ning seemed pretty good as I could post out to everyone and people responded, allowing everyone to see the responses.  Alternatively, I could simply email questions out and link to survey monkey etc.Perhaps that can be the first question for volunteers.  So, if you’d like to be part of the board, let me know via